Our Mission

     Executive Directory, Inc.'s mission is to provide a directory of executives (people) as opposed to a directory comprised of businesses and/or organizations. We believe that there is untapped demand for contacts/referral type information for executives. Organization driven websites often focus solely on their business or purpose, and do not dedicate sufficient attention to the numerous people that make the business work. Executives desire an individual presence on the Internet and the opportunity to provide information about themselves beyond the information provided by their organization's website. Additionally, in the fast changing and wireless driven environment that executives operate within, there is demand for easily accessible contact information on executives.

     Executive Directory, Inc.'s mission is to satisfy these demands through the following:

  • Provide certain executives, without a fee (for free), a listing in the directory offered through the website ExecutiveDirectory.com. This listing provides general contact information, enabling users to search from a computer for executives.
  • Provide certain executives, with the payment of a low annual fee (presently free of charge), a more detailed listing in either of the directories outlined above, including (i) providing additional contact information, (ii) providing narrative text regarding the executive that may be searched for the purpose of leading users to executives that meet certain desired attributes, and (iii) a listing within ExecutiveDirectory.mobi, a directory website tailored for PDA or advanced cell phone users.