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  1. Provides easily accessible contact information to other executives, customers and supporters.
  2. Allows executives to maintain an individual Internet presence.
  3. Bolsters your status within your company and in your community.
  4. You control your listing, allowing searchers to find you easily when your contact information changes.
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  6. It's FREE! (we only ask that you tell other executives and users about the Executive Directory).
  1. Builds a stronger individual Internet presence by providing searchers with additional contact information as well as more detailed information about you and your organization.
  2. Selected portions of your listing will be more easily accessible to advanced cell phone and PDA users through the dedicated mobile website
  3. Searchable text that you provide leads searchers to those executives that best meet the searcher’s needs.
  4. Expanded Listings appear first in priority to Basic Listings in multiple executive search results.
  5. Allows for searchers to link to an additional webpage of your choosing, providing searchers with additional information about you and/or your organization (for example, a link to your biographical page on your organization’s website).
  6. Start or build your personal brand, as separate from and bolstering your organizations’s brand.
  7. Allows you to have multiple listings in the Executive Directory, if you are associated with more than one company and/or organization.
  8. For a limited time, Expanded Listings are FREE for up to a three (3) year period.